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Womenpowered Digital is a community of women passionate about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

We are powered by women and we empower individuals to thrive in the digital world through training, workshops and community events.

Our community aims to support and provide opportunities to unleash your potential to grow through tech and entrepreneurship.

Digital Services

We help entrepreneurs like you adapt to the fast-changing digital world by helping you achieve digital excellence, whether you want to transform your business entirely or by phase. Avail our free consultation for your digital transformation needs.

Capacity Building

We curate and organize our own workshops that touches not just the hard skills of human being, but workshops that also allow us to discover our innate and true potential.

Community Building

Join our monthly meet-up to share ideas, knowledge, opportunities, and learn from each other how to thrive in this digital world. Our signature event, WOMENITE, provides platform for women to speak about their stories and ideas to audience of all genders.

Our Digital Services

WomenDigital is your community partner for digital transformation

Our mission as a community is not just to empower ourselves but also help entrepreneurs thrive in this digital economy by offering our talents and digital skills.

Social Media Management

We understand your struggle as an entrepreneur so let us bring your awesome idea and product to your audience with social media. Let's help you develop a social media strategy, and implement it, so you can focus on what's most important to you.

Content Creation

Need some extra hands to write those compelling copies for your website and social media marketing? Our competent women writers are here to make it happen.

UI/UX Design

Your visual design is the first impression your product will make. With WomenDigital, you get a team of UX/UI designers to ensure your brand aligns to your company's vision, mission and culture and not just aesthetically.

Search Engine Optimization

You got website, awesome design and amazing products or services. Now what? Be found on search engines! Don't know how? Let us take care of that.

Website Development

Your online presence is important to us, just as how it is important to you. So let us help you build your website according to your goals. Get the best deal when you pair this with SEO, Branding, Design and Content Management.

Business IT Solutions

We get to know your priorities and build tailor-fitted solutions for your business goals. We offer custom IT solutions, including software products, software licenses, and IT services. We work with technologies you feel most comfortable with.

Our Womenpowered Education

Womenpowered helps your career or business transform in digital age.
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Mind and Consciousness
Leadership and Influence

What do they say about us?

Great people to work with and always a great time to do community building events with.

Keren Happuch Lacadin


My experience with Womenpowered Digital have been one of the remarkable things that happened in my life. It gave me chance to reaccess why am i here, what is my greater purpose. The Mindfulness Workshop i attended last Dec. 2, 2018 gave me a chance to refresh myself from the hustle and bustle of an academic life and i found new good friends. I miss them now. Hope you guys can find your way to participate or engage in Womenpowered Digital.

Ferry Poralan


Finally, I found a community that being not normal is actually fine! It’s a community that encourages you to be bold, creative and allows you to think differently. Therefore, being different, being true to your own standards and your way of doing things will be at its happiest because this time you are not alone. It’s community of unique individuals! Therefore I am officially subscribing to this community and its cause. Thank you Womenpowered Digital for the wonderful experience learning with you. I am looking forward to more activities and events with you. Long Live Womenpowered Digital!

Kath from City of Love


One the best initiative that has grown and developed in Davao. I hope this will expand to other cities too 🙂 <3

Peng Sumarago

UX/UI Designer

The best team that feed my soul with knowledge and encouragement fully. This team imparts a remarkable and unforgettable expertise. Thank you Team Womenpowered, you are all amazing!

Lisfrel Siase


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With a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and women empowerment, Rose founded Womenpowered.  She believes that women just like other human being have unlimited potential to change the world. She hopes to inspire women and provide them more opportunities to excel in the digital space.

Rose has spent the majority of her career as a program manager, gaining experiences in community development, innovation, and human empowerment. She’s an avid fan of continuous learning and learning new things – a culture that she wants to embed in this organization and to the people around her.

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