Welcoming 2019 with Mindfulness at Womenite

January 13, 2019 | Davao City – A bunch of like-minded women gathered together for a Mindfulness session to start the 2019.

It was our first Womenite for the year. Women attendees started the year right with #EmbraceAmbition workshop,  meditation and yoga session.

Womenite used the Ambition Guidebook developed by Tory Burch.

Discover what it is you are truly passionate about, overcome the doubts in your head, set goals, build a community of support and most importantly, #EmbraceAmbition – Tory Burch

Women who attended shared the same interests on mindfulness and spirituality. They said it is best to do the planning with fellow women. It was such a good feeling to share with others that could help them accountable for our dreams.

The Womenite session was held in Blissful Yoga and Wellness Center, surrounded by a greenery within Davao City. The sharing lasted until 9PM because the group had so much to share to each other.

The workshop was facilitated by no other than Founder of Womenpowered Digital, Mary Rose Ofianga.

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