3 Golden Lessons from Womenite: March

Womenite: March had some really fulfilling moments. 

Not only was it a jam-packed evening filled with visitors, it was also a night where Womenite has broken the record of having a total of six speakers in just a span of two hours. The speakers fed us with their knowledge and wisdom which made our night one of a kind.  

Here are the three things we learned from that evening:

It’s okay to fail

Sometimes, we try out new things which we, later on, fail at. We get down in the dumps and think that our world has already ended.

The truth is that it’s okay to fail.

Take it from Dee, Juliana, and Cheska who experienced rock-bottom situations where stress has taken over them. Yet, despite that, they stood up, dusted themselves off, and moved on.

Also, the best example would be Helen Keller; she was born as a healthy child but due to a terrible illness she has become blind and deaf. She never allowed this to define her future and her identity, instead, she continued to do the impossible: she went to college, wrote several books and even help those who have the same situation as her.

That’s what we get if we don’t give up on life—life won’t give up on us too.

Strive to improve your craft

We sometimes blame our situation on why we can’t do things assigned to us, but you know what? That’s shouldn’t be an excuse. No matter what situation we are in, we should know how to balance our work, life, and studies (if you’re still a student like me).

On that edition of Womenite, we consider Juliana’s presentation to be the one we absorbed the most. As she quoted, “Every job position is an opportunity for learning so don’t waste it.”

It just goes to show that our situation, may it be in a really stressful environment or job, is also a chance to adapt to it and through it, and to improve our craft.

Surround yourself with not only positive people but also supportive ones

Lastly, support coming from your loved ones is far better than none at all.

We got that from Dee who mentioned that she started as a V.A. and has now become an SEO Manager at Ebay (UK). She was able to establish this kind of position in just a short span of years because of the support she received from her parents.

Another inspiring speaker would be Henna, an architect and one of the co-founders of SwitoDesigns Inc. In the past, she went through discrimination and sexism in the field of construction. She was discouraged by a number of people, but now she has her own company with an advocacy of “Women as Builders.”


Final notes

Womenite is truly more than an average event in Davao. This is where you get to hear inspiring stories from women who made their way to the top, all while facing situations that stopped them from becoming who they are now.

If they listened to those negative voices, they would not have the chance to tell the world of the truththat there’s more to us, women, than what meets the eye.

What we have in Womenpowered Institute is not only a community; it’s also a family that embraces differences, which is crucial in building a community and succeeding in life. That is also why Womenite is a Davao event that’s worth listening and attending to.

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