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Our Services

Connect with the community and let us help you thrive in the digital space.


We curate and organize training and workshops that are far from the  conventional topics and away from the usual women empowerment trends and interventions. We conduct training that both develop our digital skills and our soft skills.

Thus, we have learning tracks on Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills, Digital Literacy, Personality Development, Mind and Spirit, and Leadership and Influence.

We tailor-fit learning sessions based on your company’s need and based on popular demand for our public training and workshops.


Learn how to tackle business problems more effectively using data covering a hands-on deep dive into the process of performing business analytics. This course extends the techniques taught in introductory analytics course and focuses on practical use-cases.
Trainees will practice different data management and analytics tools and techniques on real-life examples, to enable them to make an empirical evaluation of business performance and to provide data-driven recommendations.


 Your one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Different businesses has different type of needs. We offer digital strategies that companies use to grow their business & revenue! Marketing packages that includes SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media & so much more.


We get to know your priorities and build tailor-fitted solutions for your business goals. We offer custom IT solutions, including software products, software licenses, and IT services. We work with the technologies you feel most comfortable with.


With Women Digital, you get a team of UX/UI designers to ensure your brand is well represented aesthetically. For one thing, your visual design is the first impression your product will make. Additionally, visual design is one of the strongest ties a designer can use for effectual branding.


Are you looking for a partner to handle your tech event? Whether it’s organizing, logistical coordination, marketing and on-site event management, our team is ready to help you assess your needs, determine the purpose of the event and make it a successful one!